Checking your photo ID is vital, especially when applying for housing loans.

We all need a legal photo ID, and while we don’t always like how our photos turn out, one way or another, we will need them for legal transactions. Imagine being moments away from closing on your dream home, only to be stopped by a simple requirement such as an ID. 

This is exactly what happened to a 95-year-old client and his family during the closing process. The mobile notary requested the client’s photo ID for verification. The client, in turn, presented their Illinois state photo ID, but surprisingly, it was rejected because the signature line was blank.

The client explained that because of a painful hand condition, the DMV had exempted him from signing his ID. While seemingly harmless, the lack of signature rendered the ID invalid for legal purposes, including mortgages. To proceed with the transaction, the family had to wait for an additional week to obtain a power of attorney for the client’s daughter, which caused unnecessary delays and frustration. 

I hope that this serves as a reminder for you to take a look at your photo ID and make sure that it is signed. The same is true if you have an underaged child. Check on your grandparents, too. They may run into a similar situation, invalidating their use in some legal transactions, just like when getting a mortgage.

“While seemingly harmless, the lack of signature rendered the ID invalid for legal purposes, including mortgages.”

Other transactions that might need a legal photo ID include:

  • Renting a property
  • Obtaining a bank account 
  • Food stamps
  • Applying for welfare
  • Getting or losing a job
  • Buying a car
  • Getting on an airplane
  • Buying alcohol or cigarettes
  • Getting married
  • Rescuing a pet
  • Buying a gun
  • Renting a hotel room
  • Getting a hunting or fishing license

If you think I missed anything, feel free to let me know, as I am compiling a bigger list than this. If you don’t have a legal photo ID yet, get one because you’ll need it for practically everything that you’re going to do in life.

Also, reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about anything related to this topic or real estate. You can call me, send me an email, or even leave comments on my videos. I’ll be more than happy to connect with you.