Here’s what you need to know about combining love and credit scores.

For those of you who are active on dating apps, I have three intriguing questions for you:

1. Would you be willing to display your credit score on a dating app for everyone to see?

2. Could you see yourself dating someone whose credit score is lower than yours?

3. At what point, if at all, would you broach the topic of credit with a potential partner? Or is it not a priority for you?

Why am I asking these questions? Recently, I stumbled upon a TikTok about a woman who proudly showcased her 800 credit score on a dating app, and the response was overwhelming. She received around 100 invitations for dates, with comments ranging from “Marry me” to “So hot, great flex” and even some more suggestive comments. It seems the allure of good credit extends far beyond the realms of real estate and mortgages.

“Love and credit may not be as separate as we think. ”

Creditworthiness has become a hot topic in the dating scene, and people are talking. While I advocate for the importance of good credit daily, it never crossed my mind to use credit as a criterion for dating!

However, the ingenious minds behind the new dating app Score seized this concept and launched it just before Valentine’s Day in 2023. The app, pioneered by the financial website Neon Money Club, requires a minimum credit score of 675 for eligibility. So, I’m curious: If creditworthiness matters to you in a potential partner, would you consider giving Score a try? The caveat, of course, is meeting the minimum credit score requirement.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts. Would you use credit score as a criterion for selecting a potential partner? Call or email me to let me know; I’d love to hear from you!