Sharing a recent testimonial and information about my buyer seminar.

Today, I feel honored to share this great testimonial from recent clients of mine who were able to buy their first home.

5.0 star review received on for Jan Leasure by Jonathan L - “Everyone was so welcoming! Encouraged us every step of the way!!”

This post isn’t really about the review but more about our story. I have been a teacher all of my life. When rates started to climb I talked to so many discouraged people who thought their chance for home ownership evaporated with 2% rates. The problem isn’t the rates but misinformation & confusion. 

To try to change this cycle I created a free first-time buyer live Zoom class to give potential homeowners a foundation & better understanding of how to prepare for the approval process, budgeting, credit, working with real estate professionals and finally closing on their own home. (Things we should teach in school but don’t). 

Over the past 6 months, we have closed on homes for a dozen or so of our class graduates, but this closing was special because my friends pictured below were 100% convinced that they would NEVER get a home & that we could not help them. (They reminded me daily! ) However, they put in the work and with the help of my team Jessica BelmontesDaniela Goris-Gomez their dream became a reality. 

This didn’t happen overnight. It took 6 months (They even got married during the process) I try to attend every closing, & I always bring my “team” along to remind everyone that buying a home, like raising a child, takes a village! In our case, we have the support of our mortgage bank Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation, our underwriters, closers, post closers, our compliance officers, etc who aren’t pictured but are quietly cheering for our borrowers below. A big shout out to the Illinois Housing Development Authority that supplied a little $$ boost to lower their cash to close & make this possible. 

Congratulations J & S on your new home! Shout out to @Lissette Perez who found THE HOUSE!

We have an upcoming seminar tomorrow 8/9/23 if you know anyone who is interested in learning about the home buying process. We often have agents, HS & college students getting a jump on the process & folks who have not owned a home in a while. You can sign up here:

If you have any questions or want to hear more testimonials, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can call or email me anytime and I would be happy to help you!